Lifestyle – One of Your Greatest Assets

Protecting your Lifestyle
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When contemplating Lifestyle There are two commons questions. How do I maintain my lifestyle? How do I improve my lifestyle?

At Growmatter we break financial planning down into four elements, Live, Trust, Grow and Matter. Live has three core components your Health, Your Lifestyle and Your Income. We Believe these are your three greatest assets.

When contemplating Lifestyle we are mostly concerned with maintaining it or improving it. Majority are wanting to move in the direction of what they believe to be an improvement. Sadly we don’t see the importance of protecting the lifestyle we have, and even fewer us think of the sustainability of our lifestyle.


We often overextend, overspend and then claim we don’t have enough money for things we really need. Money management and the ability to assess and adjust our lifestyle is core to sustainable living.

We often need an objective opinion during this process, we need to be held accountable to our goals. Protecting our lifestyle and our assets is definitely a key goal but often it is way down on our priority list. We choose not to insure some crucial assets and without being aware we take massive lifestyle risks.

If you think back over your life we have all be affected, directly or indirectly by burglary, theft or other crimes. The emotions that stem from anyone touching or taking your things comes with a feeling of deep unease, anger and heartbreak. Having short-term insurance does not guarantee that you will never experience crime. It does however cover for the loss or damage to any of your assets and belongings allowing you to maintain your lifestyle.

Insurance is important

Imagine you are in a car accident. Without insurance, you would need to buy a new car or pay for the repairs of your car. What if you financed your car and for some reason decided not to insure it? You would need to repay that loan while buying a new car. One client drove around without insurance for a year or two, it took one accident for him to realise that a few hundred rand a month is nothing in comparison to buying a new car.

What if your house is damaged in a storm or the geyser bursts and your furniture and appliances are damaged. Do you have the savings to repair and replace everything? Most people have not bought all their possessions in one go. Many possessions take months or even years to accumulate. Having to repurchase all those items for most is not an option.

Whether you fall into maintaining your lifestyle or wanting to change it, sustainability needs to be a core focus. Make looking after your possessions a priority. Make some money management decisions and consider the sustainability of your lifestyle. Short-term insurance is about value, understanding and security.

If you would like to discuss short term insurance and all it has to offer, we value you and are here to help.
If you need an objective opinion on your existing cover, we are here to help review and compare the cover you currently have.

Live Trust Grow Matter

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