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When hearing Tracker the first thing that comes to mind is finding your car in the event of theft. Now, Tracker has become so much more.

At Growmatter, we understand it is imperative to insure your most valuable possessions. We also appreciate that under current economic conditions, pricing plays a significant part in the decision process. Shopping around has become very important but we know from experience that cheaper can be more costly in the long run. 

With us, we can help you navigate through the jargon, fine-print and the emotive marketing to help you strike the balance between quality and affordability.

Along this line of thinking, we have a provider we believe will not only protect your assets but save you money on your electricity bill and maybe even reduce your insurance premiums. Tracker provides products that have the potential to influence your insurance premium.

When hearing the word Tracker the first image that comes to mind is a helicopter tracking down your car. Now in 2021, Tracker has become so much more.

Two products we believe are worth more than they cost.

1. TRACKER – Vehicle Tracking Device

We know the vehicle recovery system very well but there are several other perks to Tracker we are not all aware of. Tracker has become far more than a vehicle recovery service. Through vehicle, telematics there are now ways of monitoring your car, maintaining logbooks, mobile apps that provide travel logistics and you can even generate your SARS logbook for the year. With their vehicle tracking range of they have a product based on your needs and affordability.

It’s not about the information you have, it’s about how you use it. The Tracker products are designed to turn information about how you use your vehicles into services that help you get to where you are going in a smarter, safer and more cost-effective way.

Advantages of Tracker
  • Theft Retrieval
  • Location-based tracking
  • Roadside assist and with impact detection, they can dispatch emergency teams.
  • App & WEB access
  • In-app car guard
  • Licence reminders
  • LogbooksWe 


With Tracker coming to your home there are going to be benefits aplenty. Tracker is starting to integrating new technology into your home giving you more control and providing security.

Smart Geyser is the newest product in the Tracker family. Smart Geyser proactively monitors your geyser’s health, detecting high temperatures, blown elements, leaks and ruptures. Should it detect any of these abnormalities, a notification will be sent to you and the water supply to the geyser will immediately be shut off to protect your home from further damage.

The major benefits of the Tracker Smart Geyser include:
  • A 98% reduction in water damage from geyser failure.
  • A 90% reduction in the chance of the geyser element blowing.
  • A huge gain in energy savings of up to 40%.

With the user-friendly smartphone app, you can share control of the geyser with tenants, family and friends. In addition, you can monitor daily usage, energy savings and the scheduling of your geyser’s running time. The App will also provide you with instant fault notifications.

We have collaborated with Tracker to get access to these products at a very affordable monthly cost.

Get in touch should you be interested in any of the above products. We can also add more value by seeing if you qualify for a discount in your short-term insurance.

Live Trust Grow Matter

The information provided is not intended to address the specific circumstances of an individual and is only for information purposes. Should you require financial advice please contact us

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