How Do You Protect Your Greatest Assets?

How do you protect your greatest asset?
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To protect something, we need to know its value and weigh up the risk of losing it versus the cost to protect it.

The process of protecting something requires an objective assessment of the value, the risk and the method of protection. Sometimes it is a simple process and sometimes it requires some thought. Protecting you home or car is relatively simple as these have a market value but protecting your health well that is not as easy.

It is important to seek out professional advice when implementing and maintaining your risk management strategies. Whether it is insurance, medical aid or disability cover speaking to a qualified independent advisor has huge benefits. Independent advice removes the need to sell a product to earn an income. It means we do not over or undervalue your assets, we assess your risk and our job is to make sure the product works the way it should. 

We can then do comparisons, weigh up the fees versus the level of cover and ensure that the product protects your asset.

Planning and Protecting Lifestyle

Your house, belongings and car make up the material elements of your lifestyle. Short-term insurance covers you in the event of loss, theft or damage. This gives you the certainty that you will be able to replace your assets and belongings. For personal and business short-term insurance is essential. Loss, theft and damage are not an if or a maybe scenarios they are a matter of when.

If you have an advisor it is crucial that you review your policy regularly. At least once a year as your depreciating assets like cars could be cheaper to insure.

Planning and Protecting Health

There are no guarantees when it comes to health and if something happens you will want the best care. We assess your healthcare situation and ensure the medical aid plan meets your needs. The best specialists often charge more than medical aid are willing to cover and we see gap cover as a no-brainer.

You can’t enjoy your wealth if you don’t have your health.

Planning and Protecting Income

Your income is crucial to creating wealth and maintaining a healthy standard of living. It’s important to make sure that your income is protected if something happens. Your income is the financial foundation your future and your family depend on it. If you can’t live without your salary you should not be without income protection.

To live is to be prepared despite uncertainty, it is having peace of mind when those unexpected events occur. There are certain aspects of life that we do not have control over, we cannot foresee the unexpected.

Get in touch if you have questions about your current situation or for information on the products available to you contact us.

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