Being conscious while engaging on every level and sense. We need to engage on an emotional, physical and intellectual level. We walk, talk, eat and sleep but do we live?

How we live, the choices we make and the direction we take will steer life’s events.

Life is full of adverts, one-liners, marketing campaigns and quotes telling us how we should be living. We are told how we should spend our time, who we should be friends with and how much we deserve something. Our thoughts are often shoved in a corner while all these voices steer our decisions. We often forget to ask ourselves how we should live.

When reflecting on our lives, we begin to discover the things we love, the friends that add value, the words that hurt us, the actual to-do list we should be working on. You know, the figurative list in our head that says fix the relationship with my best friend, manage my spending, phone my parents to say thank you, plan for the next stage of my life, pay off debt, tell my children they are the best. Those are just a few examples of our real to-do list. When exploring our thoughts and engaging with our deeper to-do list we start to find the real reasons to live.

Hard work, making difficult choices and self-discipline are things we need to work on. Looking in the mirror and asking ourselves the difficult questions can be some of life’s greatest challenges. At Growmatter we want to help you with these discussions by helping you find real answers to these tough questions.

Your health, your lifestyle and your income are integral to the way you live. We avoid thinking about the “what ifs”, like being affected by illness or disability, or we think it won’t happen to us. This is why we need someone experienced, objective and knowledgeable, who thinks about our lives holistically to weigh up the pros and cons. The truth is that we are all at risk and the impact of losing any of these integral elements will be devastating.

To look after our health, we need medical aid and gap cover for access to the best care and doctors. We need to protect our home, belongings and car through short term insurance. Our ongoing income is essential and income protection provides the safety net for the long-term risk of not earning an income.

Live Fundamentals

Live incorporates the things that impact on your lifestyle and health: how you live, the choices you make and the plans you have in place for life’s events. Your present state of affairs will be the guide of your future.


We assess your healthcare situation and ensure your plan meets your needs. You can't enjoy your wealth if you don’t have your health.


If damaged or stolen, could you afford to replace all of them? Protecting these assets for a small premium will mean you can replace them later.

Ready to Live


Your income is crucial to creating wealth and maintaining a healthy standard of living. It is the financial foundation to you and your family.


We have evaluated all the product options. We help you choose the best medical, gap and insurance products to suit your needs.

Your health, your lifestyle and your income are integral to the way you live.

things to consider

OUR Financial planning Process


We need to know your needs, wants and desires. Then explain how we plan on getting you there.


We need to gain perspective on everything that matters to you. Once we have made the connections we can define your goals and objectives.


Together we can explore and demystify your current financial situation using our Research, Rethink and Reflect philosophy.


We build clear, concise and engaging plans to outline solutions and recommendations with steps to get you there.


Be proactive, stick to the plan-of-action and we’ll help you reach your goals and implement strategic solutions.

Monitor & Assess

We’re here to monitor, manage and review your goals; keeping you on track towards achieving them.

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