The intentional act or process of increasing in size or substance to achieve more.  Growth is directly linked with maturity and success, elements essential to achieve progress in the right direction.

Grow has a logical link to wealth, investments and capital but it can mean so much more

For us it’s the process of exploring your visions, looking at your goals and then making sure we stay the course to achieve them.

A TREE, to exceed or excel, either adds value to existing areas or needs to branch out. Trees achieve growth through incremental adjustments, which can go unnoticed. Over time their success becomes inevitable and indisputable. Just like cumulative long-term saving, the growth over the short term is often incremental and can be difficult to notice but when you take a step back you can see the growth you have achieved.

A tree’s resoluteness enables it to grow through many challenges, the bigger and older the tree, the tougher the trials it has had to endure. It needs to understand its landscape and adjust organically.

Trees may fail to grow for many reasons. An oak tree can produce more than 2000 acorns in a year, but only 1 acorn in every 10 000 will become a tree. Some acorns don’t make it because of animals or arid conditions, while many simply fail to take root. Failing to start is by far the biggest challenge trees and investors face.

The process of saving or growing wealth is full of challenges. We may get swept off by promises like squirrels storing acorns – the acorns didn’t know any better. We may make the wrong choices about where to place our money like trees not having the right soil conditions. For many the challenge is simply taking the opportunity to start. We are here to help you with every part of your GROW journey.

Grow Fundamentals


The act of putting money, effort, time, etc. into something to make a profit. Retirement, emergency funding, housing, car and holiday savings are just a few of the things we achieve through investing.


Something that you plan to do or achieve. Goals give us a benchmark compare our current situation to where we wish to be. Without clear goals we will lack the discipline and purpose to succeed.


There is no strict definition on how much one needs to be "wealthy" but it is clear that we need to be good stewards of what we have. If you can't manage what you have now, how will you manage more of it later?


Unit trusts, Retirement Annuities, Endowment and Tax-free savings are a few of our savings vehicles. It’s important to match the need and product correctly as there are taxes, fees and other implications.

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OUR Financial planning Process


We need to know your needs, wants and desires. Then explain how we plan on getting you there.


We need to gain perspective on everything that matters to you. Once we have made the connections we can define your goals and objectives.


Together we can explore and demystify your current financial situation using our Research, Rethink and Reflect philosophy.


We build clear, concise and engaging plans to outline solutions and recommendations with steps to get you there.


Be proactive, stick to the plan-of-action and we’ll help you reach your goals and implement strategic solutions.

Monitor & Assess

We’re here to monitor, manage and review your goals; keeping you on track towards achieving them.

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