The substance or material essential to our lives. We should explore and find the things that matter in life. Challenging ourselves leads to understanding and insight.

What matters most to you?

The real matters for most people are family, caring for loved ones, their home and their belongings. 

We need to evaluate our thoughts, emotions and behaviours so we can figure out what matters most to us. Often our thoughts and beliefs do not align with our actions. This leads to missing the things that matter most. 

You may have a school in mind for your children or a house you want to own one day but you may fail to make the decisions that will get you there.

A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.​

Dave Ramsey

Our attitude and actions around money flows into other matters like caring for our family and our possessions. If we are not able to guide our current choices and decisions, what influence does that have on our future?

There is a reason the bible, and many other religions, are full of teachings about money and our attitude towards it. It’s a very real priority in our life often steering decisions and even relationships. Our actions can often reveal our actual attitude. If we look at our spending habits (our actions), we can clearly see our priorities and our attitude towards money.

Matter Fundamentals


Essential to our lives - we find purpose and belonging in family. Partners, parents and children are both emotionally and financially dependent on us. Taking care of them and their needs is a primary driver.


Having too little is a problem, having too much can lead to bigger problems. Money management, income and debt are about dealing with our behaviour and habits. Managing a little or a lot still requires the same set of skills.


Not having a will and plan for the inevitable means leaving an outside party to decide how your possessions should be managed. The process is much simpler and easier than we think. Do the right thing and draft a will.

Peace of Mind

Striving to look after your family, managing your money and having your estate in order, are essential building blocks. We have all been in situations where planning beforehand could have drastically changed the outcome.

When dealing with essential matters like family, home-life and money we need reflect and be honest with ourselves.

How often do we wonder where did it all go? We can teach you how to better manage your money, we help assess spending habits and evaluate where your money goes. Money management is a skill we need to keep improving…we need to master money and not let it master us. 

Here are few challenging questions!

Try answering them

We can help


OUR Financial planning Process


We need to know your needs, wants and desires. Then explain how we plan on getting you there.


We need to gain perspective on everything that matters to you. Once we have made the connections we can define your goals and objectives.


Together we can explore and demystify your current financial situation using our Research, Rethink and Reflect philosophy.


We build clear, concise and engaging plans to outline solutions and recommendations with steps to get you there.


Be proactive, stick to the plan-of-action and we’ll help you reach your goals and implement strategic solutions.

Monitor & Assess

We’re here to monitor, manage and review your goals; keeping you on track towards achieving them.

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