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We are qualified financial planners. Equipped to offer a complete service from Health, Risk and Investments to Estate Planning, Insurance and Employee Benefits. Growmatter is proud to have a team of specialists who can provide expert advice on anything related to finance.

We are a home for people, families and businesses that want to do things the right way. Every client has specific needs and we pride ourselves on being able to add value in every life stage for both personal and business planning. We are dependable, offer guidance and want to be part of your solution.

We’ll always remain an independent and fee-based financial planning practice. Our advice remains objective and we advise on products based on your needs rather than our pockets. We strive to offer objective advice and guidance. 

Without objectivity and independence, advice becomes an exercise in marketing, sales and persuasion.

We believe in providing a complete service from money management, investments and planning right through to claims, wills and choosing the right products. Every client has specific needs and we pride ourselves on being able to add value in every life stage for both personal and business planning.



Growmatter Tree

We want to Live! Rather than simply go through the motion, we want full and meaningful lives. We believe in family, relationships and community. Connectedness brings colour to our world and gives us hope and purpose.

Acting with integrity, honesty and openness is our way of building Trust. Our goal is to help people achieve their goals and grow. Through these actions we build trust. As your financial planner, it’s our job to maintain trust through excellent advice and service.

We are wired to Grow and have a yearning desire to be more. This is why we spend much of our time at Growmatter cultivating the determination and drive to be better. Our success comes from positive planning habits and is a result of goal-driven behaviour.

Meaningful relationships, family, self-improvement, realising goals, contentment… these are some of the aspects that Matter most. Knowing our priorities gives us direction and adds meaning to the humdrum of life. We want to live a life of substance and empower others to do the same. If you know there’s a better way, why wouldn’t you want the same for your clients. We want to Live Trust Grow and Matter.

Want to get ahead of your finances?


Our Planning


We aim to make financial planning fun for our clients and their families. We have created a relaxed and safe environment for clients to engage and enjoy the process of thinking about finances. We believe education and change happens best in this environment.

Garth Hey

Founder and Financial Planner
Passionate about mentoring and helping others, Garth wants to see growth in others. With life experiences like coaching, teaching and sailing he always keeps an open mind, remains cool under pressure and he is always keen to learn new things.

Jade Sookool

Medical Aid and Gap Cover
Driven by keeping our clients happy, she is not afraid to challenge product providers to ensure our clients get the right result. Jade has been in the financial industries for more than 5 years and you want her in your corner when sorting out claims.

Craig Taljaardt

Personal and Commercial Insurance
With over 20 years experience in the financial industry, Craig has in-depth knowledge of banks, vehicle financing and how to get things done. He helps cut through the fluff and get exactly what need.

AdvDip and PGDip in Financial Planning, PGCE in Education and BA in Psychology and English

Diploma in Human Resources

Ray Barnes

With patience and wisdom beyond his years, which he needs as Garth's right hand man, Ray is a tremendous support. Completing his IFA internship and now studying towards his CFP he is keen, dynamic and he will be part of the furniture at Growmatter.

Charles Muteti

Paraplanning Intern
Very new to the industry, Charles initially volunteered to join the team just to get work experience. He showed determination and proved he wanted to stick around. Since then he has joined as an intern as also has big to get qualified as a financial planner.
Superman Dive

Keep and eye out for new additions

BCOMM in Management Science

Work in progress

Our Support


One of our strengths as a business is our administration. Not because we enjoy it but because we have specialist handling the administration process. Jokes aside our real strength is financial planning and that is why we employ a team of administration experts and specialists.

They are part of our family, literally and figuratively. If you havent already dealt with them you will and wow they are great at what they do.

Approach Steenberg House

Approach Administration

Professional, efficient, friendly, hardworking, accountable, client focused, funny, reliable and dependable are just a few of the traits you will see when you deal with our admin team. We could not provide the excellent advice and service without our administration team. They are our rock and they rock!
Accumen Group

Acumen Accounting

Euwan Erwee at Acumen is a valuable partner providing expert advice and services in the field of business, tax and accounting. For several years he has been helping save money, give tax advice and make the lives of us and our clients better.
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Sean Beagley at BEXS and his team of qualified and professional individuals form part of our fiduciary arm. They are seasoned fiduciary experts, from drafting wills, executing and winding up estates as well as trust administration they provide excellent service with a personal touch. As a client of ours when you need help with your will and other fiduciary services you will be sure to meet Sean.

Etude Risk Management

LeRoux van Wyk is our independent compliance officer managing our advice process, ethics and conduct. The team at Etude is central to the quality of advice we provide. Good business practices is a core value and they have a built a long-term relationship with us.



When we look at an organisation, social construct, norm or belief we should ask ourselves why we follow it. We must reflect on the present, challenge the system and think of ways to do it better. 

Growmatter Financial Planning is constantly assessing the financial services industry, seeing how we can improve client experience and make a meaningful difference.

When making continuous improvements; reflection and analysis are crucial: without it we hinder our growth. Inertia and inaction is the enemy. Too many people and businesses get stuck in a perpetual cycle of doing the same thing and expecting different results. 

Progress is a challenge and encouraging behavioural change in people is even more of a challenge. We have seen many businesses adopt the path of least resistance. In our industry, many advisors don’t want to risk asking clients challenging questions. 

The client is the one taking the biggest risks with this approach. We feel that clients who want to succeed deserve the best financial advice. We believe that guidance and advice is not telling someone what they want to hear but rather showing them the right way and then walking alongside them.

We will help you choose the right products and savings vehicles while also guiding you through Money Management, Goals Orientation and give you all of our insights, tips and tricks on how to manage all life’s financial challenges.

We see a need for guidance and planning done with integrity and care. Our goal is to be clear about our advice, transparent about our fees and always willing to answer any questions.