Is having confidence and reliance in someone or something. Placing your trust in someone is knowing they are accountable, responsible and have your best interests at heart. 

At Growmatter we offer advice, guidance and knowledge giving you assurance, peace of mind and confidence.

We often feel pressured to do things because it’s trending or someone else has convinced us it’s important. We tend to make decisions based on how we feel and like to think we are rational when we often become victims of our own misconceptions. We need counsel and guidance.


Psychology and behavioural finance studies reveal that the more personal and important a problem or challenge is, the more likely we are to combine our feelings with the logic required to make a decision. We need to prioritise these decisions or they leave us exposed as we make choices focusing on short term gains rather than focusing on our long-term plan.

We cannot help but succumb to quick fixes or easy-way-out solutions. We struggle to think about our long-term vision while facing short term challenges. We procrastinate, we have every intention of starting and following through but we don’t. Often, we get fixated on objects or desires and lose sight of our long-term goal for instant gratification. We are impulsive, often getting caught in the heat of the moment. Many of our flaws and shortcomings can be addressed by having someone in our corner who is accountable, objective and trustworthy.

Trust will be the platform for us to make a meaningful contribution to you and your family. With our wisdom, expertise and your trust we will move you towards your goals.

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel or be looking for the next big thing. We believe in the fundamentals. We believe in keeping it simple. We believe in doing the right thing.

We are honest about changes that need to be made because it matters to you in the short and long term.

Trust Fundamentals

Trust for us is linked to everything we provide as financial planners. It is the platform for all our advice, guidance and relationships. Only when you trust someone can you truly listen to their guidance.


Trust forms the foundation for our advice. As a team of professionals, integrity and a strong work ethic is what sets us apart. You need a trustworthy advisor who looks after your interests.


A good guide knows the map, the route, how to navigate and can guide others. We offer a complete financial planning service, which gives us the ability to see the entire map and guide you to success.


Our habits give insight into the way we behave and respond in situations. Making financial decisions is not like choosing a movie, they have lasting consequences. By looking at behaviour, negative decisions can be avoided.


We want a real, meaningful relationship with honesty and truth as the framework. You need someone who holds you accountable and helps you stay on track. We take our role seriously and always seek feedback.

We build sustainable relationships that have trust as the foundation.

Questions to ask Advisors

OUR Financial planning Process


We need to know your needs, wants and desires. Then explain how we plan on getting you there.


We need to gain perspective on everything that matters to you. Once we have made the connections we can define your goals and objectives.


Together we can explore and demystify your current financial situation using our Research, Rethink and Reflect philosophy.


We build clear, concise and engaging plans to outline solutions and recommendations with steps to get you there.


Be proactive, stick to the plan-of-action and we’ll help you reach your goals and implement strategic solutions.

Monitor & Assess

We’re here to monitor, manage and review your goals; keeping you on track towards achieving them.

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