Engage – Step 1 in Our Financial Planning Process

Engage Step 1 of Our Planning Process
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At Growmatter our financial planning process consists of 6 steps : Engage, Connect, Explore, Guidance, Action and Monitor. This summary can give clients an insight into what they should expect when working with us.

The coming articles will highlight each step of the process our clients get to experience. Before we begin do you have an advisor?

If not you should consider getting a financial planner who acts as your coach, has integrity and is passionate about seeing you grow.

If you have an advisor are they engaging with you and adding value?

Our Planning Process

Step 1: Engage

To engage is defined as showing an interest, being actively involved and contributing to the situation.

Our process starts by being intentional, from our first meeting we need to listen and hear you. Our goal is a long term relationship and we need to understand you to make it work. While we are getting to know you, you have a responsibility to ask questions and evaluate who we are. You should be asking questions like:

  • What qualifications do we have?
  • What is important to us?
  • Our level of experience?
  • How do we earn an income?

Although a meeting like this can be daunting because you might not know what to expect or you feel financially unequipped, this is normal. This first conversation generally involves sharing your thoughts, your concerns and what needs attention. With this we start to build a picture, we develop an outline of where you are currently and where you might want to be. We say might because often our wants shift as we gain insight into our goals and what motivates us. 

This outline highlights the broad steps we will need to take together. This is very much a first date with no expectations or commitments, only once you are happy to proceed will we move on to step 2 which is to Connect. 

For more information or to get your financial plan started contact us

Live Trust Grow Matter

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