Matter – Our 4th Element

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Matter is the substance or material essential to our lives. To discover the things that matter most in life we need to challenge ourselves. Answering challenging questions leads to understanding.

Our 4 core elements are Live, Trust, Grow and Matter.

Matter is all the important things that require thought and consideration. Family, money, our estate and our home are all part of what matters most. We know this and we would easily be able to point out the things we value. The more challenging question is what have we done to protect them?

  • Have you thought about what you would do if you can’t work?
  • Have you thought about what happens after you die?
  • Do you have a will in place?
A Matter of Importance

These are not exciting, ‘nice’ things to think about. The outcomes of not thinking about them though are significantly worse than taking the time to have a conversation about it.

At Growmatter this conversation is part of our planning process. Financial guidance requires evaluating multiple scenarios and then planning for the best, the worst and the scenarios in between.

What, How and Why

We assess your needs, wants and goals. We work together as this process is not about us telling you what to do. It is about you explaining what you want and us drawing a picture based on the information

We need to plan according to your values and what is important to you. At Growmatter our goal is also to make sure you understand the scenarios we present so that you can make the right decision. We find most people only believe and follow a plan that they have been part of creating.

Please take your family, your money and your estate seriously. Start working with a financial planner you trust. It is not about sales and products but about guidance. If you have not had a challenging conversation about money, your will, caring for your family and asking big life questions then you need an independent financial planner.

For more information or to start planning contact us

Live Trust Grow Matter

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