Medical Aid and Gap Cover

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Do you have a Medical Aid and Gap Cover Advisor? If not, have you ever wondered why?

Do you know that whether you have an advisor helping you or not, you are paying the same amount. Essentially someone is earning a service fee without providing any service.

If you have an advisor have you evaluated what they do for you? How are they helping you? Do you actually remember who it is? When last did you meet with them?

At Growmatter we are not scared of these questions from clients, we provide a tailored service based on the needs expressed of our clients. We want our clients and future clients to become more aware, ask more questions and challenge the norms.

Financial Advisors and Planners are not all one in the same. Many advisors focus on sales providing an excellent upfront service with little to no ongoing assistance. Only a few make it their goal to add value, provide insight and hold you accountable. We hear too many stories of clients who spent years with a sales rep without getting proper advice. You should be reviewing your medical aid plan on a yearly basis as well as assessing it with any health changes.

We at Growmatter analyse your healthcare needs on an annual basis to ensure you get the best possible benefits and premium value.  We are contracted to all major schemes, offering a range of products and solutions. Our admin and ongoing service is tiptop and our medical specialist Jade is always available to help.

The products include:

  • Hospital plans
  • Hospital plans with savings or limited day-to-day cover
  • Primary Care benefits
  • Comprehensive Plans including hospital, day to day and savings
  • Gap Cover plans

Some medical aids may base their premiums according to an income bracket based on your salary you could find an affordable option.

We complete a medical needs assessment, based on this information we then do a scheme and product comparison based on your needs. We work through this information together and help you make the right decision.

When appointing Growmatter you have the benefit of dealing with a medical aid and gap cover specialist. At Growmatter we will assist you with all your medical aid queries whether it is a claims query or explanation on how submit claims, medical aid changes, adding a spouse or any general queries.

Jade Sookool is our Medical Aid and Gap Cover advisor. Her knowledge and experience in dealing with South Africa’s top medical aid companies give her an edge over a number of other advisors. She can help you choose the most appropriate medical aid and gap cover.

Click the link below and let us know how we can get in touch.

Live Trust Grow Matter

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